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12 May 2011 @ 02:34 pm
 I've seen things Like this go around on LiveJournal and other sites, And I thought it'd be fun on here not only to get more participation, but to bond as a Community. 

So, this is Colfercriss_rpf 1st ever Prompt Corner. 

The rules are quiet simple. Someone will post a prompt, if you like that prompt, you can fill it, then suggest another prompt. Please dont sujest until you fill a prompt.( first 10 prompts are alright without a prompt to add variation ) I will Post the prompts above in this post, then once it gets filled I will put a hyper-link to the story. when you fill a prompt, please use Filled and the prompt for the title, So I can easily find it to post. at the end of your fill, please put prompt: ( then your prompt) Stories can be long or short  any rating (if the rating is over pg  please put the rating in your title)If you would like a certin Rating, please put that with your prompt! and  Please be kind to all members and their prompts!   lets have some fun =)

 If you have any questions, feel free to see my example post, or contact me/ask questions in the post, or  message. =D
                                                                *Darren Meet's Hannah Colfer and they instantly get along 
                                                                *JGs return to Glee opens Darren's eyes much the way Blackbird opened Blaine's to the temptation that CC presents, and he suddenly has a rival for Chris' attention

                                                                 *Darren and Chris move and  are hopeless in the kitchen. They take a couple's cooking class
                                      *Chris is putting on a good front but he's been pretty down lately (set whenever you want). Darren sits him down to find out what's wrong - turns out he's just got a lot on his shoulders; he's supporting friends/family (your choice) through a tough time (your choice), stressed out with tour preparations (bonus for including ridiculous costume worries, ie the gaga heels and their problems), the guy he was dating (and who he thinks he was well on the way to falling in love with) has broken up with him b/c he's seen the media attention given to the partners of the other Gleeks and doesn't want it. Darren didn't know (no pun intended) Chris was even dating someone, but he does his best to comfort him even though his knewfound knowledge is niggling at something in him. 

Time passes and things sort themselves out - friend/family woes sort themselves out, maybe one of the girls refuses to wear equally ridiculous heels/something else and everybody gets things better suited for dancing and not breaking parts of the body. Stuff like that. 

                                      *Darren helps fend off a very stubborn man's attentions toward chris at a nightclub but the end result is having to basically hump chris on the dance floor. He really shouldn't be this okay with it. Or this turned on. R to NC-17 please