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colfercriss_rpf's Journal

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An RPF and RPS community dedicated to Chris Colfer and Darren Criss.


1) Bashing isn't allowed.

2) When posting fic, please use this form:
Author :
Title :
Pairing :
Rating :

3) When posting art:
Use this form:
Type: [Video, Drawing, Icons, etc.]
Please put the art itself behind a cut (you may include a small preview picture outside of it).
When you post some icons with a link to your lj, post at least three icons in you post.

4) Please tag your posts (feel free to ask questions if you aren't sure which to use).
For fic:
author: [your username], character: [chris colfer, darren criss, etc.], genre: [gen, het, slash], pairing: [chris/darren, chris/other, darren/other, etc.] rating: [g, pg, pg-13, r, nc-17]
Pairings - Of course, by nature, most of our content will be Chris/Darren, but more pairing tags may be added in the future.
For art:
art: [banners, fanart, fanmix, icons, video, wallpapers, misc], artist: [your username], rating: [g, pg, pg-13, r, nc-17]
Art - We have tried to cover all the bases with art tags, but if your post still doesn't quite fit, use art: misc.

If it is your first time posting, please make a note in your post and we will add an author or artist tag that you will be able to use in the future.

Character vs. Actor tags: Character tags (character: chis colfer, etc.) should be used for fic, art, and other fanworks. Actor tags (actor: darren criss, etc.) should be used for news and info of a nonfictional nature pertaining to the actors.

Other tags - comm: ideas, comm: plot bunnies, comm: discussion, fics: request, fics: search, promo, livejournal

5) Spoilers :
In general, spoilers should be placed behind a cut. In the case of Glee, information is considered a spoiler until a week after the relevant episode has aired. For any other Darren and/or Chris projects, spoiler policy will be the same or at the discretion of the mods. Remember, user icons can be spoilers!

6) Be gentle and don't be rude in your comments.

7) Promo :
If you need to promote an lj or a community, send a pm to a admin or mod before or leave a message here:

8) Affiliations :
Send a pm to a admin or mod to be an affiliate, or leave a message here:

9) Kurt/Blaine is ok, though try to keep it in a more rpf context. :)

10) Have fun.